Each of the projections that address a specific exhibit and take place when the visitor enters an ‘information area’ has a narrative. This narrative includes information about the current exhibit as well as some wider knowledge about the Parthenon, its history and cultural context in ancient Athens and during the 18th and 19th centuries. As far as the specific information is concerned, the original position on the building will be shown, its original appearance will be presented, it’s possible coloration and how it was perceived from a perspective during daytime and nighttime. An animated image may start on the actual exhibit and then possibly ‘move’ upwards against the wall to show it in its original height. Furthermore, as all of the decorations of the Parthenon depict moments from the Greek Mythology, or from the foundation myths of the city, information about the specific event will be provided in each case. Moreover, more general information about the city of Athens in Antiquity will be provided, about the religion and the socio-cultural development of the era and how these related to the creation of the Parthenon. Finally, the history of the monument, and the way it affected Western Europe and the arts in the 18th and 19th century will be presented. Finally the history of Elgin’s removal of the marbles may also be described and presented in its own right.




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