Architectural Implications

As it derives from the experiments, this kind of projection technology greatly informs the architecture that hosts it. In order for the projections to provide their possibilities in the best way, without any drawbacks, distortions or failure in the perception of the projected 2D image on a 3D object, the way that space will work with this technology needs to be examined. This paper is not going to fully analyze the architectural requirements, but is going to mention some variables for further investigation.

One of these is the setting of the projectors in space. The projectors need to be discreetly embedded into the architecture. This means that the design of the space will have to take into consideration the exact exhibition layout on which the setting of the projectors will be adjusted.

The projectors should stand at a height of 2.40m so that they will not get affected by visitors passing between them and the exhibit. They should also be aligned with the exhibits’ desired viewpoint and have some rotational capability. Projectors need to be able to rotate according to the visitor’s position in relation to the exhibit. This aims at correcting the distortion to the visitor’s perception, with the 2D projection on a 3D object.

Another aspect is the shadows that were created on the background wall at some of the experiments. The projectors will need to adjust not only the colored image they are projecting, but also their total lighting surface. The common projectors are designed in order to project a rectangle area, same as the computer screen. At the experiments, only a small area was used which was projecting information, and the rest was a plain light, casting shadows on the wall surface behind. In order to avoid that, specific filters should be employed in front of the projector, in order to screen the undesirable light.



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